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Empty Eyed Knight
Got to stay awake
If I sleep the Kingdom falls
Empty eyed Knight
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 2
Over At Last
All the things said
Were lies.
Heartless and cruel,
Depraved and painful.
All the hopes believed
Were dashed.
Shattered on the jagged rocks of humanity,
Drowned in the now tainted sea of love.
All the dreams hallucinated
Now become nightmares bearing tears.
Evil thoughts,
Sent from an evil hell-bitch.
All the love sonnets written
Now burn in the fire of hatred.
Smouldering darkly
The acrid black smoke suffocating me to eternal sleep.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 6
There Is No Grey
I'm not the good guy.
I have no shining white stallion.
When I ride to war,
I ride a nightmare horse the colour of the storm
With blazing hazel eyes like starfall.
And when I ride to war,
No weeping maidens wave in my wake
Only demons leering evilly from the other side of the River.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 9
New ID for Leif by LeifHawk New ID for Leif :iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 0 18 Elderscrolls4 - Dusk Moonfiord by LeifHawk Elderscrolls4 - Dusk Moonfiord :iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 8
No More Life
No life.
Even the sheep do not move.
Yet still, I hear screams on the breeze.
I stand alone
In the solace I sought.
Alone, for all others have died.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 2 10
The Ocean
I'm so lonely
Out here on an ocean of agony,
Twisted apparitions of sharks rip and tear my flesh
As I follow the undeniable current,
Ever so slowly,
Down the waterfall,
Descending into the abyss.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 0 9
The Dead Month
Crippled words roll like an October sun
Across the fraying fringes of my mind.
A feather floats from on high,
Butterfly white in the sharp cascading sunlight.
Not so far back in time
The rain howls around me,
Yet now in this dark sun,
Its soothing touch would be the sweetest kiss.
The ripples of memories fade
As the Lady of the Lake's price is paid.
My thoughts fly away like a marvellous dove
Freed from its cage at last.
I look around as mankind dawns,
Such a beautiful apocalypse.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 3
Where Heart Reigns Not
Dark crests of memories assault my beachhead frontier.
These immortal crusaders will not be shot down,
They stand proud,
Slowly venturing into my lands
Bearing their cargo of painful visions.
Across my once green deserts they travel,
And through my cold streets where hope once dwelled.
These dark and shadowed warriors march into my city centre,
They take hostages and raze buildings as they go.
Then they open the chest of the damned and disappear
Into the night they have created in my mind.
And from the chest comes the screams of agony,
Heralding the return of things I never wished to feel or think of again.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 0 12
Tear of Blood
Cry a single tear of blood for the dead,
But do not pity them -
For they walk in a paradise of gold and silver sands,
Where love is eternal.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 0 25
Barbed by LeifHawk Barbed :iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 2 10
Absolved by death
The forgotten hero of life.
Sometimes, evil must win
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 17
Grey Death
The sky is heavy,
Filled with hate and grey death.
Will it fall on me?
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 0 13
All I See by LeifHawk All I See :iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 9
Animosity Rules
How can I carry on like this
When I have lost my faith in humanity?
How can I gaze upon the architecture of our cities
And be awestruck by the power of civilization,
When filth like rapists and murderers walk our streets?
How can I dream of peace of nations,
When we cannot even have peace amongst neighbours.
Why has humanity fallen like this?
Did the serpent really intend this?
Did that bite of the apple really breed the evil which now
Lives inside the darker side of humanity,
Revealing its face in a masque of hatred.
Animosity rules.
Civilisation down the drain.
Do they not care for life?
How can these people live and walk and breathe our air,
At the same time eyeing up victims?
I fear what we become,
For we are no longer the same mortals who grazed in Eden.
Are they demons from the pits of hell
Stalking us mortals?
No, they are mortals themselves,
And that is what pains me,
To know that humanity can hate itself so.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 0 9
This pain,
It grows upon my soul
Like a black nymph from Hades' realm
Gnawing away at the rotten carcasses it is thrown.
Bloodshed is my song,
The cries of the damned, my symphony,
Whilst the echoing tragedy of mortal loss
Becomes my chorus.
I have seen the shadows upon the wall move.
I know that someone somewhere is watching me,
Orchestrating my finale with utmost precision.
Tuning my demise.
But I still hold the baton
And the demons play to my tune for now,
So let those shadows watch
Maybe they will learn something.
:iconleifhawk:LeifHawk 1 7

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of supple strands of life's web
until a twitch in the framework
and karma sends us hurtling
like a molten cannonball
through icy space to slam
smack-dab into the weave
of yet another existence.
:iconpamelaski:pamelaski 2 2
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Hell
Favourite genre of music: Rock / Metal
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Musicmatch
Personal Quote: "Redemption, I seek it. Retribution, I am it."
:star: Currently

Listening to:</i> Iron Maiden
Reading:</i> Fifteen Hours - Mitchell Scanlon
Mood:</i>  :headbang:  

Got tagged by my good friend Ron1649 :iconron1649:

"List 10 things about your art and post it in your journal. Then pick six other deviants to do the same."

Here we go

1. Many poems have a fantasy theme.

2. My writing usually contains dark undertones.

3. First joined DA to show my TerraGen works, but when I realised that there were people on DA who were interested in reading my writings, I began to post them too.

4. My prose very rarely gets put on DA because I am too critical of myself, or over protective of my work.

5. I try to stay away from 'emo' poetry, but sometimes some feelings slip in.

6. I always have music on when I write, only pause it when I come to do some hardcore editing.

7. I like to mess about in Photoshop, but don't normally save whatever I come up with.

8. I love being asked to write about stuff, name a word, or a theme, and I'll have a go :)

9. I don't consider myself a good writer, just someone who writes for fun and to sooth his mind.

10. One day I'd love to write something good.

I'm gonna tag: MoCaW :iconmocaw: nightmarephynix :iconnightmarephynix: AlethiaMS  :iconalethiams: starsdie :iconstarsdie: saffyre-onyx :icontheaatherea: and of course anyone else reading that wants to have a go :)

:star: Info

My alias is Leif, i enjoy writing, poetry, literature, art, gaming, etc. I'm not much of an artist myself, although I enjoy messing about with Terragen and Photoshop occasionally, and some of the stuff i end up with isn't too bad I guess.

I like rock music, such as Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Demons and Wizards, Judas Priest, and many many more bands like that.

:star: Groups

:headbang: :community: :headbang:  

Groups i am in:

:iconbrushmakers: Brushmakers

:iconpoeticpath: PoeticPath

:iconterrageneration: TerraGeneration

:iconpoets: Poets

:icondeviant-troopers: Deviant Troopers - An Iron Maiden Group :)

:iconda-library: DA-Library

:icongw-club: GW-Club

:icontheelderscrolls: Elderscrolls

:headbang: :community: :headbang:  

:star: Awards

Fantasy Blade Brushpack… :trophy: Got an O.D.D. (oibyrd's daily deviations)

Tigers of the Modern World… :trophy: Came Second Place in Poetic Path's Animal Competition

Black Winger… :trophy: Received an honourable mention in ImmortalLyric's Gothic Love contest

Fear, Footsteps And Darkness… :trophy: Received an honourable mention  in thepurplemonster's… Fear contest

Grey Death… :trophy: Came second place in da-library's Haiku contest

:star: Leif @ Lemon Fingers

Very, very out of date, I havn't been to LF for ages, most of my work is here, but I'll leave the link here, and maybe one day I'll get around to updating it

Link to my Poetry/Writing on Lemon Fingers

:star: Quick Links to my Brushpacks

Fantasy Blade Brushpack…

Symbol Brushset…

Border Brushset…

:star: Reccomended Websites

The Hunger Site - Help feed the Hungry

The Breast Cancer Site - Fund free Mammograms

The Child Health Site - Help provide basic health services for children around the world

The Literacy Site - Fund books for kids

The Rainforest Site - Preserve Endangered land

The Animal Rescue Site - Fund food for animals

Those sites allow you to do a lot of good, just by clicking your mouse :) Highly reccomended.

:star: Peace out people! :star:



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